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While comments about each recipe can be made on their own recipe page, you can also opt to comment on one here, if you like.  It’s all about what’s easiest and more convenient.  Just know that your comments here on this “Contact Us” page are not tied to any recipe and don’t automatically appear under any particular recipe.

If you want to ask a food related question or talk about this site, we’re all ears.  You might want to know the best way to cut a cantaloupe, make a steak more tender, or remove a strawberry daiquiri stain.  Well, we might be able to help with the first 2 out of those 3 examples.

CONTACT US to Request a Recipe or Request a Food Article

The site is always growing with new recipes and it sometimes has a new article too.  So, if you would like to see a new recipe or an article on a particular topic you’re interested in, just Contact Us (below)  We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy our site as we work extremely hard to ensure it works well and continues to expand.  We use multiple sources for research, like Wikipedia and others.

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