Holiday Dinner Ideas: Thanksgiving or Christmas

Holiday Dinner Ideas – 2 Menu Approaches

Plan by days ahead or plan by food courses ahead. Here’s 2 full menu lists (same menu; each is organized differently) of your upcoming holiday dinner including side dishes ideas. You’ll also find some have a link to their recipes. Others might have an example product link (to see the photo and sizes of what you could buy from your grocery store) to save time.

This is over the top as it’s a list of ideas. If nothing else, it’s to help you every year think of something so you don’t forget it. PLUS, you’ll have easy recipes access!!!

Also shown on the checklist is an idea of about how some items can be prepared 1-3 days in advance! Everyone’s commonly extra busy before taking some time off from work so, this is a well needed aid towards planning holiday dinner preparations. Hope it helps.

The Menu PLAN BY DAYS: Holiday Dinner Ideas

3 DAYS Before Holiday

  • ( ) Fudge
  • ( ) _____________________________________________
  • ( ) _____________________________________________

2 DAYS Before Holiday

1 DAY Before Holiday


  • ( ) Turkey or Ham
  • ( ) Turkey Gravy (purchase already made in a jar by Heinz: Great time saver and much better than canned)
  • ( ) Dinner/Yeast Rolls (or crescent rolls or biscuits)
  • ( ) _____________________________________________
  • ( ) _____________________________________________
  • ( ) _____________________________________________

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