how to cut a cantaloupe

How To Cut A Cantaloupe

This is how to cut a cantaloupe in an easy step-by-step procedure with pictures. Shown by a former foods manager.

How to Cut a Cantaloupe Properly Overview

While there are a few ways of how to cut a cantaloupe properly, we inherently focus on ways to emphasize the least amount of steps and to encourage safety with the knife.

Your end result will be either to have one cantaloupe section per person and the other cutting method ends up with a bowl of bite-sized pieces to dish out servings (or for use in a fruit salad). These steps will show you both ways so you’ll know how to cut a cantaloupe easy.

The good thing is you start with making the individual sections for the first way and then you continue from there to make the bite-sized pieces for the second way. Let’s begin.

Slice the cantaloupe bottom away from the rind
Final Step for Cubes: Slice the cantaloupe bottom away from the rind

The Best Way to Cut a Cantaloupe for Individual Sections

This is how to cut a cantaloupe into slices or sections. Normally, you’ll want about 4 to 8 sections per cantaloupe half. That’s 8 to 16 sliced sections per cantaloupe. Here are your steps to achieve that.

Cut the cantaloupe in half

Step 1. Rinse off the outer surface of the cantaloupe before cutting. Then, place the cantaloupe on a cutting surface. Using a large knife, cut the cantaloupe completely in half, lengthwise, i.e., cutting along the longest middle length. Then, rinse off the cutting knife.

remove the insides of both halves

Step 2. Under running water, using a spoon (or your fingers), scoop out the insides (seeds and innards), minimizing the removal of the actual cantaloupe.

Cut each half in half

Step 3. Cut each half in half. Repeat until you have the sizes of serving sections you want to serve. Usually, it is about 4 to 8 sections per cantaloupe half. This gives you about 8 to 16 sections per an entire cantaloupe.

Cut in half repeatedly until desired section sizes

The Best Way to Cut a Cantaloupe for Bite-Sized Pieces or Cubes

The best way on how to cut a cantaloupe into chunks or bite-sized pieces is to follow the previous steps to result in the larger sections of about 4 sections per cantaloupe half, or a total of 8 sections per cantaloupe. Then, proceed with these continued steps to cut them down into the desired pieces.

Cut a deep slit down the middle of each section

Step 1. With each cantaloupe section, cut a deep slit (end to end) down the middle. Ensure you cut down deep and stop only when you reach the rind, from one end to the other.

Perform cross sectional cuts

Step 2. Perform cross-sectional cuts across each cantaloupe section. You’ll begin to see how these cuts will determine the size of each chunk. It’s here that you can alter it to make them very large cubes or smaller bite-sized pieces. For the smaller pieces, you can strive for about 1/3 to 1/2-inch cuts.

Slice the cantaloupe bottom away from the rind

Step 3. Finally, you’ll slice along the bottom edge of each cantaloupe section. You can hold the cantaloupe section’s rind bottom during this process but use caution not to cut yourself. For safety, I hold one end and slice only to its middle; then, I turn the cantaloupe section 180 degrees to hold the other end and slice that other half to stop in the middle. After each section is done, discard the rind and place the cantaloupe pieces into a bowl to keep the cutting surface cleared for the next section to be sliced. You now have a bowl of cantaloupe pieces for servings or usage in a salad recipe.

Recipe for Cantaloupe Salad

Here’s a popular recipe for cantaloupe salad. It uses cantaloupe chunks as described on how to cut above. It’s extremely fast and easy to make and uses common kitchen ingredients. It also has lists of additional ingredients that can be added to make a more hearty cantaloupe salad.

FAQ on Cantaloupes

How long does a cantaloupe last in the fridge after it’s cut open?

This is how to cut and store cantaloupe. With proper refrigeration, it can last 3 to 5 days, according to various sources. If cut up into the smaller pieces, it’s best to plan to discard it after 3 days. If you’re trying to preserve an entire half of a cantaloupe, i.e., not cut into sections nor pieces, it can last up to 5 days if tightly sealed. However, for any orange cantaloupe cuts of sizes, it’s best to discard it if a white appearance or whitish foam starts to form.

What are some common ways of how to cut and serve cantaloupe?

It’s served often as sectional slices or bite-sized pieces by themselves. Sometimes, the sectional slices are also served with the rind cut away. It can also be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served over it. More on the recipe side, it’s often served as a member of a fruit salad or as a cantaloupe salad where it’s the star ingredient. For presentation, it’s sometimes served as cubed bite-sized chunks on top of a lettuce leaf, and possibly a small scoop of cottage cheese alongside it.

Where does the name “Cantaloupe” come from?

The orange cantaloupe is named after a small town close to Rome in Italy. That town is named “Cantalupa”. And it’s known for its sweet, orange melons.

What’s the difference between the honeydew melon and the cantaloupe?

The University of Arkansas explains it best here. Regarding flavor and texture, it references the honeydew melon as being green, sweeter, and with a firmer flesh texture when eaten.

Tell me more about the Cantaloupe.

Wikipedia does an excellent job of that here. It covers everything from its origins and variations, as well as its nutritional values.


In conclusion, cantaloupes can be easily cut by following these simple steps. This will make it a quick and easy process for you to get the fruit ready to eat. So, next time you are at the store, be sure to pick up a cantaloupe and give this method a try.

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