How to Peel Onions Without Crying

100% Fast Restaurant Way HOW TO PEEL ONIONS Without Crying

This is the step-by-step extremely fast restaurant way of how to peel onions without crying. See how to peel an onion quickly and properly, as done in fast food. This is one of our easier Food Guides so keep reading to see the best way.

How To Peel Onions Without Crying Step-by-Step

Setup with the onion, cutting board, and knife near the sink. Then, cut both ends of the onion and discard into the sink.

Cutting an End of an Onion
Cutting an End of an Onion
After Both Ends of the Onion Are Cut off
After Both Ends of the Onion Are Cut off

Slowly and safely carve a shallow, slitting action across one end to the other.

Carve a Shallow Slit Across Half the Onion
Carve a Shallow Slit Across Half the Onion

While holding the onion with one hand, use the knife (in the other hand) to lift up part of the slit skin.

Use the Knife to Lift Up the Slit Skin of the Onion
Use the Knife to Lift Up the Slit Skin of the Onion
Lift Away Both Sides of the Slit Onion Skin
Lift Away Both Sides of the Slit Onion Skin

With the onion holding hand, use a thumb or finger as a wedge to keep it lifted so you can then lay down the knife and have a free hand. Continuing, use your wedging thumber or finger and supplement it with the free hand’s fingers to pull away the slit skin of the onion.

a Fully Peeled Onion
a Fully Peeled Onion

Discard the skin in the sink. You now have a fully peeled onion.

Speed Tips Of How To Peel Onions Without Crying

There are a few quicker peeling methods, but they will prevent you from using the onion for regular slices, for shish kabobs, or for onion rings. So, the peeling way we recommend keeps you 100% available for using the onions for anything after being peeled.

There are some quick methods to use that we recommend you follow to help reduce the time involved in peeling an onion, whether it’s one or several.

The best way to enhance the speed of peeling an onion quickly is to plan it with placement. Place some paper towels and any storage bags nearby. This will minimize time for covering the exposed onions.

Also, place your cutting board near the sink. You can cut the ends and skin and immediately scrape them into the sink out of your way. Also, you have water handy for reducing your tears in your eyes. Read further for these specific tips.

Tips For Reducing Painful Tears: How To Peel An Onion Without Crying

This is how to peel onions without crying and now we focus on how to reduce the tears in your eyes. I learned these in the restaurant business. So, here are several key points to follow:

  • How to reduce eye tears caused by hands: Avoid using your fingers to touch your face after handling onions. Most importantly, wash at least your fingers exceptionally well with soap and water before wiping your eyes.
  • How to reduce eye tears caused by onion in the air: You can reduce the onion’s air particles in a multitude of ways. You can use one or more of these ways to help.
    • After cutting off the ends, you can cut to peel the bulk of the onion while holding it over running cold tap water.
    • Also, after peeling, slicing, cutting, or dicing, lay a paper towel over any onions.
    • If peeling several onions, briefly rinse your fingers, knife, and sometimes cutting board after cutting each onion.
    • Wear a hazmat suit (expensive and time consuming)
    • Ask someone to help and assign this task; leave the kitchen (cheaper in the short run; expensive in the long run – you ain’t right).

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Can Peeled Onions Be Stored In The Fridge?

Yes, you can store peeled onions in the fridge. However, store them in plastic food storage bags. And some onions are extra strong so I’ve found they need double bagging. I use regular plastic sandwich bags. If it’s a lot of onions, I’ll use gallon sized bags. This keeps the fridge fresh in the air when you open the doors.

And, if you don’t have any baggies, you can always use plastic wrap or a food storage container that seals well.


Now you know how to peel onions without crying. You’ve seen how you just need to cut of both ends, carve a half slit around it, and then pull it right off. The pics helped a lot in guiding you step-by-step. So now, why not look for a recipe that uses those peeled, cut onions? Also, while you’re at it, here’s some good info on the health benefits with onions from Health Line.

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