Little Smokies Stove Top Recipe

Little Smokies Stove Top Recipe

EASY to make, delicious little smokies stove top recipe in 10 MINUTES. Cook this main course FAST in 1 skillet.

Can you make little smokies on the stove in 10 minutes?

Absolutely yes and that’s what this recipe is all about. While many recipes call for a crock pot or oven, this one is made in a frying pan or skillet with flavorful ingredients, including brown sugar and onions, and is done in a super fast speed. You’ll have this main course ready in 10 minutes since it’s an easy recipe for little smokies. Read further to look over the common added ingredients, how it’s made so fast, and what quick sides go with it.

This is a very easy recipe for little smokies. Here it's a main course and another family favorite.
Little Smokies Recipe Stove Top

Little Smokies Recipe Stove Top

Little Smokies Recipe Stove Top – 10 Minutes

Jeff Baygents
This is a very easy recipe for little smokies. Here it's a main course and another family favorite.
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Prep Time 4 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 3 servings
Calories 466


  • 14 ozs Little Smokies aka Cocktail Smokies, Sausages, Wieners
  • ½ tbsp vegetable oil or olive oil
  • 1 medium onion diced
  • tbsp dark brown sugar or brown sugar
  • ½ tsp lemon juice optional
  • 1 tsp honey optional
  • ½ tsp molasses optional


  • Cook the diced onion(s) and little smokies in the oil at medium high in a fry pan or skillet for about 5-6 minutes.
    14 ozs Little Smokies, ½ tbsp vegetable oil, 1 medium onion
    Cook the little smokies in oil and diced onions
  • When the meat begins to show browned edges, reduce heat to medium-low. Add in the remaining ingredients. After the last addition, cook for 1 more minute. Turn off heat, remove from heat, and serve.
    1½ tbsp dark brown sugar, ½ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp molasses, 1 tsp honey
    When little smokies are browned add in the rest
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Little Smokies Stove Top Recipe Ingredients

Little smokies brown sugar recipe

This easy little smokies recipe has all the makings for a great family main course. It uses a small amount of brown sugar, lots of onions, and some other common ingredients. The combination results in a wonderful meal that everyone enjoys.

Little Smokies ready to serve in 10 minutes
Little Smokies ready to serve in 10 minutes

Easy Little Smokies Quick Recipe in 10 Minutes

You can make this recipe in 10 minutes. It’s so quick, you’ll want to consider getting the side dishes started first. The only real preparation is to dice some onions. After that, it’s all about measuring out adding ingredients and cooking in the skillet or frying pan. I usually keep a package of these little smokies in the freezer so, I just defrost them in the microwave while I’m dicing the onions.

How to make little smokies without a crock pot

This is how to cook little smokies without a crock pot. And there are other recipes for cooking using a baking pan but this one’s the fastest and is done right in a skillet or frying pan. It’s incredibly quick and ready before you know it. As the recipe shows you, the onions and cocktail sausages are grilled together for several minutes, the other ingredients are added in, and 1 minutes later, it’s ready!

Are little smokies already cooked?

When asked how long do little smokies take to cook, I say “No time at all; they’re already cooked!” But, serving them cold is not a meal so, here we go. In making this little smokies easy recipe, we’re actually just heating them up in a skillet with different ingredients, resulting in a very flavorful meal.

What to make with Little Smokies Dinner

Little Smokies Dinner from the skillet gives lots of opportunities for routine common side dishes and salads. Here are some ideas.

Baked Potatoes or Loaded Baked PotatoesRomaine Lettuce Salad (easy)
Green Beans and PotatoesCucumber Salad Onion Tomato
Fast Green Beans SkilletCauliflower Broccoli Salad
Corn on the CobCantaloupe Salad
Fast Recipe for Southern Cabbage on Stove TopSliced Tomatoes w/Blue Cheese
Asparagus with Cherry Tomatoes in ovenGreen Salad Recipe Easy
Egg Potato SaladPineapple Lime Jello Salad
Ideas of vegetables, sides, and salads of what to make with little smokies dinner

Nutritional Values for this Little Smokies Dinner Recipe

We changed this one quite a few times over the years and eventually optimized it for better health metrics. We reduced the meat and increased the onions, reduced the sugar and increased the honey. The ending optimum result was still quite a similar flavor from where we originally began so, we were extremely happy. On a side note, we did experiment a bit with plant-based sugars but found they were better suited for baking recipes.

The nutritional values are shown in the <Print Recipe> option. For the meat, you can alternatively use cocktail turkey sausage, if available in your store. Or some will just cut up some turkey kielbasa or turkey polish sausage but always ensure it’s a pre-cooked product if following this recipe.

Conclusion: Cook This Little Smokies Recipe Stovetop

Now that you’ve seen this easy little smokies quick recipe, go get those cocktail sausages! You probably have all the other ingredients. Share this recipe and make this recipe!

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