Recipe for Sausage Pizza

Recipe for Sausage Pizza

This recipe for sausage pizza will show you how to make sausage pizza homemade. Super tips and details included.

Recipe for Sausage Pizza Introduction

If you’re a fan of sausage, you’ll love this recipe for sausage pizza. It’s easy to make and includes both the dough ingredients and the toppings ingredients for this sausage pizza recipe. You can even customize the flavor by using different kinds of sausage. This is a great option if you want something different than the regular toppings. Enjoy making this recipe for homemade sausage pizza as you impress everyone.

If you want to learn more on usage of pizza peels that make moving homemade pizzas into and out of the oven easier, read our article on how to use a pizza peel.

This is the perfect large 14 to 16-inch SAUSAGE pizza recipe.
Sausage Pizza on Wooden Peel RECIPE
Sausage Pizza on Wooden Peel RECIPE

Sausage Pizza

Jeff Baygents
This is the perfect large 14 to 16-inch SAUSAGE pizza recipe.
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Prep: 2 hrs 30 mins
Average Cook Time (see recipe for cook times) 16 mins
Total Time: 2 hrs 46 mins
Servings 8 slices
Calories 412kcal


1 Pizza Baking Surface Pizza Pan, Baking Sheet, Pizza Stone, or Pizza Steel


Pizza Dough (or use premade)

  • 1 cup water warm from tap
  • 2 tbsp olive oil or other vegetable oil
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • cups bread flour or all-purpose flour
  • tbsp Vital Wheat Gluten optional for extra chewiness
  • ½ tsp garlic powder optional
  • ½ tsp active, dry yeast can be quick rising, instant, or bread maker yeast

Shaping Pizza Dough

  • 2 tbsp flour on work surface
  • 1 tbsp oil only for coating pan/sheet
  • 2 tbsp corn meal or semolina flour, for reducing dough sticking

Pizza Toppings

  • ¾ cup Tomato-based Sauce Sauce Choices: tomato, spaghetti, pizza, Ragu, or marinara
  • ½ lb pork sausage or Italian sausage (casing removed); cooked and crumbled
  • 8 ounces mozzarella cheese can replace 2 ounces with fresh Parmesan and/or Asiago cheeses
  • ½ medium bell pepper optional: diced small
  • medium onion optional: purple or sweet; diced
  • 1 medium tomato optional: seeds removed, diced
  • 1 tsp Italian seasonings or oregano
  • 2 tbsp parmesan cheese grated (from shaker)


  • PIZZA DOUGH (or use premade)
    Set out your pizza dough or make your own pizza dough with this recipe. If dough is already prepared and from fridge, let it sit out at least 30 minutes; if frozen, set it out and wait at least 1 hour.
    1 cup water, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2½ cups bread flour, 2½ tbsp Vital Wheat Gluten, ½ tsp garlic powder, ½ tsp active, dry yeast
  • About 15-30 minutes before dough is ready to shape, START to preheat oven at 500°F with a shelf at 2nd from top level. If using pizza stone or pizza steel, insert in oven now.
  • Shape pizza dough as needed for your pizza pan, baking sheet, pizza stone, or pizza steel. Only if using pizza pan or baking sheet: Spray or oil pan/sheet. Sprinkle corn meal on pan/sheet, place dough, use oil or water on dough, if needed to shape it. If dough needs more rest time, can prep toppings.
    2 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp oil
    Cook sausage and crumble it. If using Italian sausage, remove and discard its casing; then, cut into small pieces and cook.
    ½ lb pork sausage
  • Cut and measure remaining toppings and set aside.
    8 ounces mozzarella cheese, ½ medium bell pepper, ⅓ medium onion, 1 tsp Italian seasonings, 2 tbsp parmesan cheese, 1 medium tomato
  • Only if using a pizza peel: Ensure peel and work surface has corn meal applied. Ensure pizza shaped dough is positioned (whether on peel or work surface), is movable, and transferable.
    2 tbsp corn meal
  • When dough is shaped and ready, add your toppings using this sequence: sauce, fresh cheese(s), veggies & sausage (any order), spices, parmesan cheese.
    ¾ cup Tomato-based Sauce, ½ lb pork sausage, 8 ounces mozzarella cheese, ½ medium bell pepper, ⅓ medium onion, 1 tsp Italian seasonings, 2 tbsp parmesan cheese, 1 medium tomato
    Transfer topped pizza (in pan/sheet or onto hot stone/steel) and bake it in the 2nd from upper shelf in preheated oven at 500°F. Baking TIME guidelines: pizza pan or baking sheet (21-23 minutes), pizza stone (16-20 minutes), ¼" pizza steel (12-16 minutes).
  • Let cooked pizza rest about 5 minutes before slicing.


The Parmesan cheese from the shaker is the store-bought kind in a large plastic shaker jar.
  • If using a pizza wheel cutter to make pizza slices, cut from the center outward to the edge.
  • If adding any vegetables you want to remain moist, e.g., spinach leaves, mushrooms, etc., add them after the sauce and before the cheese.
  • Dough snaps back from trying to stretch it out:  Handle it and stretch or roll out what you can.  Then, let it rest 15 minutes, and repeat further stretching and rolling out.  The longest wait time is 2 of these 15 minute wait sessions.


Sausage for Pizza

The importance of what kind and how to prepare sausage for pizza is significant. We’ll cover those aspects next and mentioning the most common types of sausage on pizza. You can, of course, use your own choice, or a combination of types, if you decide to try that.

What sausage do you use for pizza?

There are basically two of the most popular types of any commonly used sausage for pizza recipe. You can choose to have a homemade pizza with Italian sausage or Pork sausage. So, if choosing Italian sausage, ensure you remove the casings first. Then, cut up the remaining meat into small pieces for cooking. If choosing Pork sausage, the most popular to use is “Mild” or “Original”. Those can be spread out when putting into the frying pan and crumbled further as you cook it, or when it’s done. Some will opt for a grocery item termed as “Breakfast Sausage”, which is fine too. That one will be closer to Pork sausage.

Cooking Pork Sausage
Cooking Pork Sausage

Cooking and Adding Sausage Topping

Adding Pork Sausage as Topping
Adding Pork Sausage as Topping

This recipe emphasizes Pork sausage but shows the option for Italian sausage. You will clearly base your choice of sausage on your own preferences, which is the way all cooking at home recipes should be. has written a great article explaining the differences between pork sausage and Italian sausage.

How to Make Sausage Pizza

How to make sausage pizza at home is not as difficult as one might think. The key is to have all of the right ingredients ready and prep work done, before you start building the pizza. This recipe is step-by-step and advises when to prep the dough, preheat the oven, cut the veggies, and add the toppings. No time is wasted and several options are given in case you’re out of something or if you have a different preference in making sausage pizza homemade.

Sausage Pizza Homemade Step-by-Step

When you think about homemade pizza with sausage, you might be thinking about either Italian sausage or pork sausage as the first ingredient that comes to mind. Either way, you will want it to be cooked and diced (or crumbled). While this sausage pizza recipe from scratch calls for pork sausage, you can easily opt for Italian. Most people, by the way, will remove the casing for Italian sausage before you cook it. So, people asking “When making homemade pizza do you cook the sausage first”? The answer is yes. All meat used for pizzas need to be cooked first.

I use regular pork sausage because more people in my family and our guests prefer it. Most pizza shops will be using the Italian sausage although some offer a choice.

Sausage is used as the main topping; however, it also makes a delicious addition to other pizzas you might be making. If you’re looking for the best sausage pizza recipe from scratch, look no further! This recipe is easy to follow and produces a delicious, hearty pizza that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

Pizza Homemade Recipe From Scratch

Here are the steps summarized visually for making the best homemade pizza recipe, which starts with making your own pizza dough.

Dough put onto floured surface
Dough put onto floured surface
Prepare cut measure Pizza Toppings
Prepare cut measure Pizza Toppings
Cooking sausage after toppings prepped
Cooking sausage after toppings prepped

Bake Oven set to 500F
Bake Oven set to 500F
Dough being rolled
Dough being rolled
Adding Final Pizza Topping to Sausage Pizza
Adding Final Pizza Topping to Sausage Pizza

  • The first step is to make the dough. You can use store-bought dough and unroll it out, or make your own dough from scratch. If you’re making your own dough, be sure to allow enough time to make, which is mostly rising time totaling about 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the entire process.
  • While the dough is rising, you can prepare your toppings, measured, and cut.
  • Just before the dough is ready, you can start to preheat the oven and set aside the prepped toppings.
  • Once the dough is ready, you can roll or stretch it out for shaping.
  • You’ll add your toppings to the dough and transfer it into the oven, baking on your preferred pizza cooking surface.

This recipe covers some good options and notes for each type of pizza cooking surface such as a pizza pan, a baking sheet, a pizza stone, or a pizza steel. If you happen to have your own pizza oven, you’re best to follow those baking times instructions because you’re baking at a much higher temp than our 500°F oven, which is what our recipe follows.

For more options of homemade or ready-made pizza doughs, refer to our “Homemade Pizzas Recipes Complete Guide“.

Pizza Dough Recipe Making and Shaping

With homemade pizza, here are 2 separate recipes with details of how to make and shape the pizza dough. You can make it from scratch by hand or you can make it using a bread maker. If you use a mixer with a dough hook, you can decide how to modify the one from scratch, although no long kneading is required. Check them out for any details for your first few times in making pizza dough.

To prevent each type of pizza recipe from being excessively long, the basic pizza dough creation and shaping details are covered separately in their own recipes.

Note that each specific pizza recipe will still have ingredients for pizza dough. While they may or may not change from the base dough recipes, there might be one or more changes due to the type of pizza being made. So, it’s always best to follow the specific pizza recipe for its own dough ingredients listed. In the meantime, the below pizza dough recipes cover a very good foundation for making just about any kind of pizza.

Adding the Pizza Toppings in Order

It is reasonably important to know about a toppings order for these reasons:

  • for proper dough cooking to avoid sogginess
  • preventing certain veggies from drying out
  • a great melding of flavors.

The basic guideline list for toppings sequencing

  1. Homemade or store bought Pizza dough, thick crust or thin crust
  2. Tomato-based sauce
  3. Cheeses Option 1:
    • All fresh or shredded cheeses
  4. Cheeses Option 2:
    • Half the cheeses
    • Only veggies that need extra moisture (spinach, mushrooms, etc.)
    • The other half of cheeses
  5. Veggies and Meats (except pepperoni), any order
  6. Spices (can use Oregano to substitute for Italian Seasonings, if used)
  7. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese (optional)
  8. Pepperoni, if called for

Optional Toppings

  • Onions
  • Mushrooms (sliced or diced)
  • Bell Peppers (Green, Red, or Yellow)
  • Black or Green Olives (diced or sliced)
  • Tomatoes (diced, thin sliced, or sun-dried)
  • Spinach (fresh, chopped)
  • Extra Cheese
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Fresh Basil

Conventional Oven Instructions

Depending on what you bake your pizza on (pizza pan, pizza stone, pizza steel), you’ll place the pizza in the regular oven baking at 500°F. The timings are listed in the recipe for each type of baking surface you might use. You’ll remove it shortly after your cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown.

Bake Oven set to 500F
Bake Oven set to 500F

What to Serve with Pizza

A simple green lettuce salad or spinach salad are super and healthy sides. Or, even celery and carrot sticks are good crunchy things to munch on. Those sides, or something similar, can offer lower fat and calorie intake for the meal. They help give some fiber and other nutrients to go along with the meaty protein of the main course.

And, like the restaurants do, you could also have some cookies on hand for the after meal. I believe the popular kind is chocolate chip.

Nutritional Values of Sausage Pizza

Nutrition Facts
Sausage Pizza
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Nutrition Facts


In conclusion, this recipe for sausage pizza is simple, yet delicious. The ingredients are easy to find, and the end result is a pizzeria-quality pie that you can enjoy at home. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your own sausage pizza today! Or, try our Italian Calzone recipe using sausage and our pizza dough or our Italian Lasagna Meaty recipe! And, here’s a good Pepperoni Pizza or our Cheese Pizza to try. And, if there’s an argument over pepperoni or sausage pizzas, have it 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 sausage pizza or the combined 2-meat sausage and pepperoni pizza!

A complete list of pizza recipes and steps of how to make homemade pizzas are available in the “Homemade Pizzas Recipes Complete Guide“.

Here, you can make your own Italian Seasonings!

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